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Mock questions for the asbestos awareness quiz

If you want to complete an asbestos awareness course soon, check out our exerciseasbestos awareness testquestions below.

But before we move on to the asbestos awareness test itself, let's first cover some of the basic facts about asbestos.

This will provide you with some knowledge that will allow you to answer the asbestos awareness quiz questions.

So to start......

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral substance found in the form of clumps of fibers in soil and rock on earth all over the world.

But asbestos is not just one type of mineral: the name "asbestos" actually refers to a group of silicate minerals with the same fibrous nature.

When in its pure form, asbestos can be mixed with cement, paper, plastic, fabric and other materials to make them stronger.

Asbestos has been widely used in common building materials such as tiles, tiles and pipe insulation due to its well-known properties including being heat resistant, being a good insulator and not conducting electricity.

Spray coatings used for pipe insulation are the most friable form of asbestos used in the UK.

There are actually 6 different ones.types of asbestos, but they are classified into 2 main types:crisotilo(white asbestos) which is the most common form andanfibol

Materials containing asbestos only become dangerous when they are damaged or altered in some way, as this is when the deadly fibers are released into the atmosphere.

Asbestos fibers pollute the air and surrounding areas.

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How does asbestos harm health?

Exposure to asbestos fibers can be very dangerous for our health.

This is because the fibers are very small (invisible to the naked eye) and, once transported through the air, they can remain and eventually be inhaled.

Breathing asbestos fibers into the lungs can lead to serious health problems, as once the fibers are there, the body is unable to remove them naturally.

As a consequence, over a long period of time, at least 15 years or more, asbestos fibers grow and cause diseases such asmesothelioma, plural plate,lung canceryasbestosis

People who smoke are at greater risk of developing lung cancer or asbestosis than non-smokers.

Studies show that a person is more likely to develop an asbestos-related illness if they have been exposed to asbestos frequently over a long period of time, particularly the younger they are at the time of exposure, and the chances increase even further. is a smoker.

What are the asbestos regulations?

The asbestos control regulations of 2012are primarily intended for non-residential properties, but may also apply to some common areas in domestic premises.

And theduty holderresponsibility (manager or building owner) to inform contractors who must carry out maintenance or renovation work on the premises of any known asbestos.

On a domestic property, this responsibility would rest with the landlord or managing agent.

Under the regulations, contractors also have a responsibility to immediately report any material suspected of containing asbestos that they discover on site to the person in charge or their supervisor.

Suspect materials will need to be tested for asbestos and samples will be sent to an independent laboratory.

Once the test results are received, it will be necessary to decide whether the asbestos can be left in situ and encapsulated to make it safe, or whether it must be removed entirely.

In any case, only those who have been properly trained in asbestos awareness can work with asbestos materials.

Trained operators must wear the correct PPE and RPE and undergo regular health checks as well as annual refresher training.

And depending on the risk factors involved, a contractor may or may not need aHSE licenseto remove any asbestos material.

Even if a permit is not required to remove (lower risk asbestos materials), the contractor must still be trained to handle asbestos.

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How to dispose of asbestos safely

Asbestos must be disposed of safely and cannot simply be disposed of with household waste or thrown away.

Instead, all asbestos materials must be double wrapped, securely sealed and labeled before being taken to a local asbestos disposal site (contact your local council for details).

Some companies that hold an asbestos waste transportation license will be able to collect asbestos waste at their facility and take it to the local asbestos waste removal facility.

Please note, however, that if you decide to handle any type of asbestos yourself,have toWear disposable clothing consisting of gloves, coveralls and a filter respirator.

Otherwise, leave the handling of asbestos materials in the hands of properly trained persons.

Mock Asbestos Awareness Test

Do you think you know enough about asbestos? Ready to take the Asbestos Awareness Mock Test? Answer the next 20 questions below...

question 1

Three Asbestos Related Diseases Are?

a) AIDS, Lung Cancer, Asbestosis

b) Mesothelioma, colon cancer, throat cancer

(c) Lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma

(Video) Asbestos - Question & Answers - safety training

d) Mesothelioma, asbestosis, diabetes

question 2

In older buildings, you can find asbestos in:

a) Roof tiles

b) Insulation of old pipes

c) Baldos

d) All of the above

question 3

Most asbestosis symptoms manifest within five years.

A truth

b) False

question 4

What is asbestos?

a) A synthetic synthetic material.

b) A natural material derived from sand particles.

c) A natural material derived from certain rock formations.

re. None of the previous

question 5

Studies conclude that people who smoke and who are also exposed to asbestos are more likely to develop lung cancer or asbestosis.

A truth

b) False

question 6

Which source of asbestos in the UK is most friable?

a) Laboratory bench

b) Baldos

c) sprayed on the insulation

d) Undamaged tiles

question 7

Any exposure to asbestos fibers is dangerous because...

a) The effects of asbestos are immediate

b) Complete aspects of the material are not yet fully known.

c) Interrupts the functional capabilities of the lungs.

re. None of the previous

question 8

What are the three main things that determine a person's likelihood of getting an asbestos-related illness?

a) Gender, exposure time, smoking

b) Age, exposure time, smoking

c) Age, type of exposure to asbestos, smoking,

re. None of the previous

question 9

If a part of a sprayed asbestos ceiling breaks and falls to the floor, you must...

a) Report to your supervisor

(Video) Asbestos Questions and Answers

b) Revise

c) Aspire

d) Brush it into an airtight bag.

question 10

What does worker protection entail?

a) Personal protective equipment (PPE)

b) Regular health checks

c) Asbestos awareness training

all the interior

question 11

Tiles, bricks and other asbestos items will only release fibers if they are disturbed or damaged.

A truth

b) False

question 12

Chrysotile is the most used type of asbestos.

A truth

b) False

question 13

Who is responsible for managing asbestos in commercial buildings?

a) The tenant

b) the owner

c) the contractor

d) Obligation holder

question 14

Once asbestos fibers are released into the air, they can remain suspended there for hours or even days.

A truth

b) False

question 15

Visibly damaged or degraded tiles, pipes or other asbestos products may indicate that floors and work surfaces may be contaminated with asbestos dust.

A truth

b) False

question 16

There is no evidence to suggest that asbestos ingestion is harmful.

A truth

b) False

question 17

The main entry point for asbestos fibers is through the skin.

A truth

b) False

question 18

If you already work in environments that include asbestos, you can reduce your chances of getting cancer by quitting smoking.

A truth

(Video) Two Hour Asbestos Awareness for WPS Custodians

b) False

question 19

Anyone can remove asbestos materials.

A truth

b) False

question 20

Asbestos waste can be disposed of in local dumps

A truth

b) False

Scroll down to see the Mock Asbestos Awareness Quiz answers and see how many you answered correctly (or incorrectly!)...





Asbestos Awareness Mock Test Answers

Question 1 -C

Question 2 -d

Question 3 -b

Question 4 –C

Question 5 –a

Question 6 –C

Question 7 –C

Question 8 –b

Question 9 –a

Question 10 –d

Question 11 –TRUE

Question 12 –TRUE

Question 13 –d

Question 14 –TRUE

Question 15 –TRUE

Question 16 –FALSE

Question 17 –FALSE

Question 18 –TRUE

Question 19 –FALSE

Question 20 –FALSE

How did you do on the asbestos knowledge test?

Have you completed the Asbestos Awareness Mock Test? What was your score of 20?

Remember that this is just a mock awareness test to determine your existing knowledge of asbestos.

If you need to fill out arealasbestos awareness quiz, so how about we complete ourasbestos awareness online course?

This course will go into much more detail and you will learn all about the history of asbestos, the properties of asbestos and its effects on health, the types of asbestos, the uses of asbestos in buildings and machines and the general procedures to follow. when working with asbestos.

Complete the asbestos awareness online course in one day on any device at your convenience and receive a certificate upon successful completion of the multiple-choice style asbestos awareness test at the end.


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