How to fix Xfinity WiFi connected but no internet? (2023)

This article providedPer MiniTooloffers 9 major Xfinity WiFi network connected but not internet access solutions and some tips for you. Just read the content below to find the method that works for you, no matter what operating system (OS) you are using: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac, Ubuntu, Android or iOS.

Are you suffering from "Xfinity WiFi connected but no internet access" problem? Do you get "connected but no internet" message when using PC, laptop (eg Lenovo and Toshiba), mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, MacBook, etc.?

If yes, do you know how to solveXfinity WiFi ne radian issue? If you still haven't solved your problem, just read the content below and it will help you to deal with the problem.

How to fix Xfinity WiFi connected but no internet?

  1. Reset the gateway
  2. Restart the modem
  3. Reset the router
  4. Disable security tools
  5. Clear the cache
  6. Confirm wire/connector/splitter connection
  7. Complete the route tracking test
  8. Run a ping test
  9. Reinstall the entire network

Before starting, it is recommended to determine the real cause of the problem, iemodem router. Disconnect the router from the network. Connect only one computer directly to the modem via Ethernet (wired) and turn the modem off and on. If the problem persists, it's likely a modem or signal problem. If the problem is resolved, focus on router or Wi-Fi network issues.

Advice:Remember to turn off the power to the modem every time you connect a new device to it.

Solution 1. Restart the gateway

The most common method of solving the "no internet access" problem is to restart the gateway. Just turn off/disconnect the gateway, wait a few minutes, then enable/reconnect the gateway to see if you can connect to the internet or not.

Alternatively, you can simply reset the gateway to factory specifications and try to fix the problem. If you still can't access the Internet, move on to the next solution.

Solution 2. Reset the modem

Another way to solve the problem "Wi-Fi shows a connection, but there is no Internet access" is to reset the modem to factory settings. To reset the modem to factory settings, simply turn it off and on again. You can also do this through the Xfinity app.

(Video) How To Fix Xfinity - No Internet, No Wifi, or Slow Speeds

Step 1. Open the Xfinity My Account app.

Step 2. Scroll down to selectInternetoption.

Step 3. SelectModem/router.

Step 4. Finally clickRestart this device.

After the reset, check the devices that cannot connect to the network before seeing the result. If your devices can surf the Internet, you have successfully solved the problem. If not, continue with the fixes below.

Solution 3. Replace the router

If you can connect to the network normally without a router, then the problem is with the router. Then try to fix it or simply replace the old router with a new one.

How to properly reboot your router and modem? If you encounter network connection problems, you can reboot your router and modem to resolve them. In this post, you will learn how to reboot your router and modem. Read more

Solution 4. Disable security software

Sometimes antivirus programs can interfere andblock the network connection. Therefore, if you cannot connect to the Internet, you can try to disable or disable security applications on devices that do not have Internet access. Then check if the internet connection is restored or not.

Solution 5. Clear the cache

There is also a risk that a large amount of cache on your computer prevents you from connecting to the Internet. There,clear the cachefiles will solve the "no internet access but wifi connection" problem.

Solution 6. Check the hardware connection

Sometimes a seemingly "serious" problem is not caused by complex causes. After struggling with almost all advanced fixes to no avail, you can fix the problem with a simple action. In case of a network connection problem, it could simply be an unstable wired/cable connection.

So just check all the cables, fasteners, F connectors, connected to the internet,distributors, coaxial cable, etc. to confirm that there are no problems with the wired connection.

(Video) Fix - Xfinity WiFi Connected but no Internet Access .

Solution 7. Run the Traceroute test

Sometimes it's useful to track if you're having problems with a particular destination or service.

For Windows 7 and later

Step 1. Open CMD.

Step 2. pressA nurse.

How to fix Xfinity WiFi connected but no internet? (4)

Step 3. When done, you will see a message about tracking completed. Right click, select, drag over text, copy by pressingA nurse.

Krok 4. UderzA nurseagain to paste the tracking results into your post and continue asking others for help.

For OS X

Step 1. Go toApplications > Utilities > Web Utilityand select Tthe rue is runningduck.

Step 2. Enter the address, start following.

(Video) Xfinity Wifi Not Working - How To Fix Xfinity Wifi Connection Not Working Instructions, Guide Help

Step 3. When you're done, copy and paste the results into your post for extra help.

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Solution 8. Run a ping test

You can also run a ping test to help troubleshoot internet access issues.

For Windows 7 or later

Step 1. Start a command prompt.

Step 2. Enterping pressA nurse.

Step 3. Let the output run for about one minute and stop it by pressing "Ctrl + C”.

Step 4. How often to check the results aRequest expiration messagealso appearsczas=XXmsthe proportion of each response is as low as possible, under 100 ms under ideal conditions.

Step 5. Right click on the character, drag over the text, copy by pressingA nurse, then hitA nurseto paste the ping result into your post for extra help.

For Mac OS X

Step 1. OpenApplications > Utilities > Web Utilityand choosePingduck.

(Video) How to Fix WiFi Connected but No Internet access on Android (2023) || Fix WiFi connection problem

Step 2. Enter the address,, set the number of pings to about 100 and start ping.

Step 3. When you're done, copy and paste the results into your post for extra help.

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Solution 9. Reset the entire network

You can tryreset the entire networkin the device settings. Take Windows 10/11 PCs for example. navigate toSettings > Network & Internet > Status > Network Resetand follow the instructions on the screen.

How to fix Xfinity WiFi connected but no internet? (6)

If you want to know "why does my Wi-Fi keep saying it's connected but can't access the internet", you can chooseNetwork Troubleshooterin the Status section.

There are many other methods worth trying, but I won't list them all here, such as checking if your Xfinity account is up to date and checking if your IP address is correct or not.

All in all, you'll probably find at least one of the above solutions that can solve your problems. If luckily none of the above solutions solve the problemXfinity WiFi connected without internet accessproblems, you cantroubleshooting the Xfinity networkor check yourslocal Comcast outagessee if it's yoursInternet serverdone or not. If there's an outage in your area, there's nothing you can do but wait for the network to come back up.

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