Keifer and Shawna Thompson from Thompson Square: 5 important facts to know (2023)

Keifer and Shawna Thompson from Thompson Square: 5 important facts to know (1)

GettyShawna Thompson, Keifer Thompson of music duo Thompson Square and their son attend the 2018 CMT Music Awards.

Shawna and Keifer Thompson are the couple behind Thompson Square. The pair have released three albums together and have reached the top ten on the Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts ten times. The couple have a three-year-old son, Cooper. The couple's latest single, Masterpiece, is about their son Cooper.

Keifer isquotedAs he said of the pair's latest album, "This album is called Masterpiece, and the definition of a masterpiece is an artist's lifetime achievement. When we're 80 and we look back, we want to be able to say that we're really proud of everything we've done." Keifer was beforequotedas if to say, "Writing a song is not difficult if you know what you want to write about. The greatest songs we've ever had were written so quickly."

Keifer spoke in one about the couple's musical style2017 Interview mit Virginian-Pilotsaid that his wife's voice "sounds a lot more rural than mine". He added that Shawna edits the composition and that he's "more of a rock-pop guy and she's more of a pop-country girl". Keifer described the mix as making Thompson Square's music "a little different from everyone else's".

Here's what you need to know:

1. In addition to his singing, Keifer has also dabbled in stand-up comedy.

Thompson Square – Keifer Thompson Entrevista @betarecords2012-05-03T16:40:53Z

Keifer dived into the world of stand-up comedy in 2019. In AprilSafta stand-up show at Zanies in Nashville to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank.

(Video) Thompson Square - Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About

In addition to his music and comedy, Keifer also wrote a children's book, Time to Get Dressed, based on his experiences with his son. Keiferto People magazineabout inspiration saying, "I put Cooper's socks on one morning and made a little song about it." Keifer said he wrote the book entirely from the heart.

Thompson Square - If I Didn't Have You (Offizielles Video)T H O M P S O N S Q U A R E N T O U R 2 0 1 8 Official Music Video for “If I Didn't Have You” Directed by Brian Lazzaro Presented at Connect with T2: Official Site: Facebook: Facebook. com/thompsonsquare Instagram: Twitter: Spotify: Snapchat:.2013-02-28T02:02:29Z

during a separateInterview mit AXS,Keifer said of the inspiration, "I started putting my socks on and chanting, 'Socks, socks, one at a time...putting socks on can be so much fun.'" Shawna was there at the time and asked if that was the case be something my mother used to sing to me as a kid. I told her it was something I just made up and she told me I absolutely had to finish it.” In 2016, the couple also published a young adult novel called Will You Kiss Me Or Not?

2. The couple met at a singing competition in Nashville in 1996 while Keifer was dating someone else.

Keifer and Shawna Thompson from Thompson Square: 5 important facts to know (2)


Keifer and Shawna Thompson met in 1996 at a singing competition in Nashville, Tennessee. Keifer further explained the meetinga 2017 interview with Virginian Pilotsaid: “I went in and saw her and started talking to her; We play billiards. I heard her sing and was blown away and asked for her number that night. It was definitely personal before it became a business."

Thompson Square – You make it look so good (Lyric Video)T H O M P S O N S Q U A R E N T O U R 2 0 1 8 “You Make It Look So Good” Official Video with Lyrics A FOCO Creative Production: Directed by Ford Fairchild T2 Connection: Official Site: Facebook: facebook .com/thompsonsquare Instagram: Twitter: …2016-06-15T07:00:00Z

in pairofficial site,Keifer said he was dating someone else when he met Shawna. Keifer said while discussing one of the couple's songs, "Let's Do Something Stupid," "I was actually dating someone else when I met her, but I was running away from it. I knew straight away I was running towards it and instead of playing it safe, we jumped in."

3. His son's real name is Rigney

Keifer and Shawna Thompson from Thompson Square: 5 important facts to know (3)

Shawna Thompson performs at the 2018 GLAAD + TY HERNDON Concert for Love & Acceptance at the Wildhorse Saloon on June 7, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee.

(Video) Thompson Square - Breakers (Official Audio)

Thompson Square welcomed their first child in January 2016. Although publicly referred to as Cooper, the three-year-old's real name is Rigney. in oneopinionAt the time, the family said: "We are delighted to be able to share this monumental day with all of you. Many wonderful things have happened to us, but this absolutely tops them all. We want to thank you all for being there for us and our music and for all your support during our pregnancy. We can't wait to see you out and about this year, but until then... Say hello and welcome to the big world, Rigney Cooper Thompson aka #coopert #cooperman #coopdeville #coopdog #sircoopsalot.

38 weeks and two days from today! Little Cooper will be here before we know it!#Lok #listeoperonliste

- Thompson Square (@thompsonsquare)13 January 2016

Keifer opened up about his fatherhood in March 2019Interview with People magazine,"It's actually the most fun I've ever had." The couple announced in typically humorous fashion that they were pregnant, drinking from cans of Coca-Cola that read "Dad" and "Mom" in a social media post in August 2015.

4. In early 2019, the couple canceled several concerts following the tragic death of Keifer's mother, Carroll Thompson.

Shawna Thompson performs "Breakers"When Shawna Thompson stopped by for "Women Want to Hear Women," she performed this exclusive solo rendition of Thompson Square's "Breakers" with Keifer on guitar! The song is from his album Masterpiece. Watch the full podcast at nashcountrydaily.com2018-07-18T19:22:02Z

(Video) Thompson Square - I Know This Guy (Official Audio)

In February 2019, the couple were forced to cancel a series of concerts following the tragic death of Keifer's mother, Carroll Thompson, in Miami, Oklahoma. A family representative confirmed the newsPeople-Magazin.

5. The couple is celebrating 20 years of marriage this year.

According to the coupleofficial site,They married in May 1999 and will celebrate their 20th anniversary this year. To celebrate, Keifersaid AXSThe pair planned to perform 80 to 90 times over the course of the year.

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What happened to Shawna Thompson? ›

She was diagnosed at the time with degenerative disc disease and a herniated disc which required surgery to fix. "I went to see a surgeon and they did a discectomy on me, and I thought everything was great," says Shawna. "I didn't have any pain for five years."

How old is Shawna Thompson? ›

Are the people in Thompson Square married? ›

Thompson Square is an American country music duo composed of husband and wife Keifer and Shawna Thompson, both of whom alternate as vocalists.

What is the history of Thompson Square? ›

Thompson Square is one of the oldest public squares in Australia and notable for the large number of Colonial Georgian buildings which surround it. It is the only public space remaining from the original town and has played an important part in the history of the town.

Where is Thompson Square from? ›

Who is in Thompson Square? ›

Thompson Square

How many children do Thompson Square have? ›

Thompson Square are not only a hit music making duo – they are also parents to their son Cooper. Keifer and Shawna Thompson shared a video on Earth Day 2022 of their little man doing his part.

What has happened to Thompson Square? ›

Grammy-nominated duo Thompson Square has made the decision to momentarily step back from their touring schedule to allow one half of the band, Shawna Thompson, the space to focus on her health.

Is Thompson Square still performing? ›

Thompson Square is currently touring across 1 country and has 1 upcoming concert. The final concert of the tour will be at The Clayton Center in Clayton.

Are the Thompson Twins still together? ›

The couple had a child in 1988 and married in 1991. By 1993, Thompson Twins as a name was dead, and Bailey and Currie changed genres, focusing more on trip-hop and ambient music. Changing their name to Babble, they released two albums during the 1990s, neither of which made a splash. The couple divorced in 2003.

Are the Thompson brothers twins? ›

Early life. Thompson was born to Maya Wilson and Troy Thompson and raised in San Leandro, California. His identical twin brother, Ausar, is an NBA prospect, and his older brother, Troy Jr., played college basketball for Prairie View A&M.

Is Thompson Square a couple? ›

Shawna and Keifer Thompson of country duo Thompson Square have been married for more than 20 years. That's right: two full decades and then some, since May 15, 1999. For some couples, autonomous careers are a good thing.

Who found Times Square? ›

Ochs persuaded Mayor George B. McClellan Jr. to construct a subway station there, and the area was renamed "Times Square" on April 8, 1904.

How old is Keifer Thompson? ›

Who named Times Square? ›

Times Square got its name when the namesake newspaper, The New York Times, took up residence in the building (now known as One Times Square) in 1904. That was the year the mayor of New York renamed Longacre Square after the paper, though it took less than a decade for the Times to relocate again.

Who is Thompson Station named after? ›

Dr. Elijah Thompson donates land for the original village and its train station and the community are named for him.

When was Thompson Station TN founded? ›

Incorporation. As more and more new residents began moving into the area, Thompson's Station held an incorporation referendum in 1990. The measure received overwhelming approval and, on August 15 of that year, the community officially became The Town of Thompson's Station.

Who is the drummer for Thompson Square? ›

Wes BoUrque

Nashville based Wesley Bourque is the drummer for the Multi-Platinum, Grammy nominated, 2x ACM award winning group Thompson Square.

Is Thompson a city or town? ›

The City of Thompson is located on the south side of the Burntwood River, 740 km north of Winnipeg. To navigate, press the arrow keys. Thompson, Manitoba, incorporated as a city in 1970, population 12 829 (2011c), 13 446 (2006c).

What street is Thomas Square on? ›

After the merger with Metropolitan, the Thomas Square Neighborhood boundaries are from Anderson Lane in the north to Victory Drive in the South, Martin Luther King Blvd. on the west, spanning over to East Broad Street.

What year was the Thompson Twins? ›

Thompson Twins were a British pop band formed in 1977 in Sheffield. Initially a new wave group, they switched to a more mainstream pop sound and achieved considerable popularity during the mid-1980s, scoring a string of hits in the United Kingdom, the United States, and around the world.

What happened to the band Perry? ›

The band also earned Best New Artist at the CMAs and ACMs. If that ain't smashing success… Between then and now, according to Rolling Stone, the band decided to redirect. They left country music behind in favor of an electric-pop direction that felt more like them.

Why is madness concert Cancelled? ›

To all Madheads with tickets to our USA tour 2022. We're sad to announce due to the continuing covid travel situation we've taken the decision to cancel our USA tour. We'll return to the USA in 2023.

Is Crowded House still around? ›

As of 2021, Crowded House have sold over 15 million albums worldwide.
Crowded House
GenresRock pop rock jangle pop indie rock alternative rock new wave
Years active1985–1996 2006–2011 2016 2019–present
LabelsCapitol ATO Parlophone EMI Australia BMG
MembersNeil Finn Nick Seymour Mitchell Froom Liam Finn Elroy Finn
9 more rows

Are Crowded House still performing? ›

Crowded House is currently touring across 2 countries and has 18 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, after that they'll be at Paramount Theatre in Seattle. See all your opportunities to see them live below!

Where did the Thompson twins get their name? ›

Thompson Twins was a British pop band that formed in April 1977. The band was named after the two bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson in Hergé's comic strip The Adventures of Tintin.

What grade are the Thompson twins in? ›

Twins Amen and Ausar Thompson are entering their junior season after having an active summer and fall which saw them both jump into the top-100 in the class of 2022.

What are the Thompson twins names? ›

Thompson Twins

What was the Thompson Twins first hit? ›

The Thompson Twins had their American commercial breakthrough in 1984 with Into the Gap. "Hold Me Now," the first single from the album, became a bigger hit in the U.S. than it did in the U.K., peaking at number three; it reached number four in England.

Who was the girl in the Thompson Twins? ›

Alannah Joy Currie (born 20 September 1957) is a New Zealand artist based in London. She is a musician and activist, best known as a former member of the pop band Thompson Twins.

How tall are Thompson Twins? ›

ATLANTA — When 6-foot-7 twin guards Ausar and Amen Thompson are on the court at the same time, it's almost impossible to tell them apart. Both are extremely athletic, big guards who have a high basketball IQ.

Are 2 Little Big Town people married? ›

Little Big Town singer Karen Fairchild is married to the group's guitar player, Jimi Westbrook. The band members got together after Karen's divorce and have been together for 13 years. Karen and Jimi have a nine-year-old son, Elijah.

Are the couples in Little Big Town married to each other? ›

Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook tied the knot on this day in 2006, but did you know their nuptials were kept a secret at first? After Little Big Town was formed in 1998, the band released their debut, self-titled record in 2002 shortly before both Karen Fairchild divorced her then-husband.

Is Teddy Thompson related to Richard Thompson? ›

Teddy Thompson (born 19 February 1976) is an English folk and rock musician. He is the son of folk rock musicians Richard and Linda Thompson and brother of singer Kamila Thompson. He released his first album in 2000.

When was the first ball drop? ›


Revelers began celebrating New Year's Eve in Times Square as early as 1904, but it was in 1907 that the New Year's Eve Ball made its maiden descent from the flagpole atop One Times Square. Seven versions of the Ball have been designed to signal the New Year.

Who owns 11 Times Square? ›

SJP Properties and Prudential Real Estate Investors continue to own and control the building, and SJP Properties continues to manage, lease and operate the building.

When did Times Square start? ›

In January 1905, the Times finally moved into their new headquarters, built between Broadway and Seventh Avenue and 42nd and 43rd Streets. The previous spring, Mayor George B. McClellan signed a resolution that renamed the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue from Long Acre Square to Times Square.

What are actors Donald and Kiefer last name? ›

Donald Sutherland and his son, Kiefer, in California, 1970. Donald Sutherland and his children, twins Kiefer and Rachel, in California, 1970.

What happened Tom Keifer? ›

After the Heartbreak Station tour Keifer lost his voice and was diagnosed with paralysis of the left vocal cord. In 1994 Cinderella released their fourth album, Still Climbing. It received little attention, and the band broke up in 1995. Keifer continued to undergo surgeries on his vocal cords.

Has Kiefer Sutherland got a daughter? ›

Family and relationships

Sutherland has one daughter (Sarah) from his marriage to Camelia Kath, the widow of Chicago guitarist/singer Terry Kath, to whom he was married from 1987 to 1990. Through their marriage, he became stepfather to Camilla's daughter, Michelle Kath, who has two sons.

Why is it called the Big Apple? ›

Even though it became popular in the 1970's the nickname “The Big Apple” was born in the 1920s in reference to the prizes (or “big apples”) rewarded at the many racing courses in and around New York City.

How many people pass through Times Square every day? ›

Times Square is one of the world's most visited tourist attractions, drawing an estimated 50 million visitors annually. Approximately 330,000 people pass through Times Square daily, many of them tourists, while over 460,000 pedestrians walk through Times Square on its busiest days.

What was New York named after? ›

Following its capture, New Amsterdam's name was changed to New York, in honor of the Duke of York, who organized the mission. The colony of New Netherland was established by the Dutch West India Company in 1624 and grew to encompass all of present-day New York City and parts of Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey.

What happened to Thompson Square singers? ›

Grammy-nominated duo Thompson Square has made the decision to momentarily step back from their touring schedule to allow one half of the band, Shawna Thompson, the space to focus on her health. She will be using this time to prepare for her scheduled back surgery to correct complications from a recent injury.

What happened to the music group Thompson Square? ›

Husband and wife duo Thompson Square will spend some time off the road this fall as they address some health issues. Singer Shawna Thompson, one half of the "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" band, is scheduled to undergo back surgery to correct complications from a recent injury.

Who left the band Madness? ›

In October 2014, Cathal Smyth, aka Chas Smash, left Madness to pursue a solo career. His debut solo studio album, A Comfortable Man, was released on 11 May 2015 by Phoenix Rising Recording Co.

Who is the lead singer of The Thompson Twins? ›

Tom Bailey

What happened to the music machine? ›

The band's original lineup fragmented in late 1967 after managerial and financial disputes. Bonniwell reassembled the group under the name The Bonniwell Music Machine. In 1968, a second album, The Bonniwell Music Machine appeared, but the group disbanded in early 1969.

Who owns big music? ›

Big Music (also known as Reliance Big Music) is an Indian record label owned by Anil Ambani. It is a part of Reliance Entertainment, a subsidiary of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group.

What happened to the music group the system? ›

Formed around the year 1982, the group originally consisted of David Frank and Mic Murphy. It was disbanded in 1989, soon after their fifth studio album Rhythm & Romance came out. Their most successful singles were "Don't Disturb This Groove" in 1987 and "You Are in My System" in 1983.

Why were they called Thompson Twins? ›

Thompson Twins was a British pop band that formed in April 1977. The band was named after the two bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson in Hergé's comic strip The Adventures of Tintin.


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